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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Spooky Creepy New England 2 Book Review

I received this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions states are my own and may differ from yours.
Spooky Creepy New England 2 Book Review
Do you believe in ghosts? Are you a fan of the supernatural? Spooky Creepy New England 2 takes over where the first book ended four years ago, with another twenty tales from author Karen Mossey of true encounters around New England of supposed paranormal situations.

Each chapter of the book talks about a situation the author encountered, and the history behind the location. Then, author Mossey goes on and explains what they encountered during their investigation. You can actually listen to any recordings made at the author's homepage (

All the stories here are really creepy, except for Vermont. For some reason, nothing spooky and creepy happens there, only in the rest of New England. There are no Vermont stories.

The investigations in the book can get a little interesting. Except for the private residences, you can actually visit all of them yourself. But overall, they're meant to creep you out a little. Imagine visiting a video store in New Hampshire and hearing someone say "Please, no one cares about me."

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and will certainly revisit it in the future to read again. If you're into the paranormal thing or know someone who is, you'll want to pickup the title. At just $14.99 retail, or $11.28 at Amazon, the book isn't that expensive. Being from Massachusetts myself is why I received this one, versus one of the other haunted books from Schiffer Press.

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