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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

ScoreBig Discounted Tickets Review

Disclosure – I received a promo code to purchase tickets to attend an event to try out their site.
No monetary compensation has been received and all thoughts are my own.
ScoreBig Discounted Tickets Review
Do you explore the aftermarket ticket options when going to the theatre, a concert, or a sports stadium? Living near Foxboro, we frequently go to Patriot Place, get pictures on the field with Santa, and even ice skated there. I haven't been to a Patriots game there since before we had our son so I thought I'd try to score some tickets from ScoreBig.
ScoreBig allows you to bid at a discount for tickets to pro sports, music concerts, Broadway shows, and basically any public event. After finding an event, you pick what class of ticket you want, then put in a bid for the tickets. There is a Success Potential graphic that shows the likelihood of the offer being accepted. Once you submit the instant bid, you're immediately notified of the success or failure.
Here, I would be bidding $75 for tickets with a face value up to $95.45. With the offer at about 78.5% of the original value, that is close to the 25% amount they quote as what others have saved for similar tickets. The graphic is starting to look a little green so the offer might be accepted. If the offer is way too low, the offer will be flat out rejected. If the offer is close to an acceptable offer, you'll be presented with that offer, showing you the additional amount you'd have to pay. If your offer fails, you'll be locked out of bidding again for that class of tickets for 24 hours.

The order process itself wasn't bad. I had my set budget (the value of the promo code I was provided) and kept looking for an event whose tickets I could afford. I tried for tickets to see the Dalai Lama in New York City but couldn't get them for a bid low enough. With the Patriots tickets, it seemed I had to wait for more ticket inventory to be available before my offer was acceptable. Each day, additional tickets for more games became available. My bids failed several times before there was success. My biggest complaint, I couldn't pick the exact seats, but only the class of seats. If you want to get tickets in a specific section, or more narrow group of sections, this isn't the place to go. 

There is no fee added on to the bid. ScoreBig gets their money from the seller, and they guarantee delivery with a full refund and $100 credit if for some reason they fail to deliver. As best as I can tell, the tickets are made available from the original vendor, not from a third-party, and are basically excess inventory. If you were to go to the source, you'd be paying the full ticket price. If, however, you went to a third party reseller, you could pay more, you could pay less, but you run the risks associated with resellers.

Supposedly, these specific tickets will be delivered electronically. Nowadays that is very popular. But, you might also get them in the mail or left at will call. Waiting for them myself now.... Overall, an easy process, if you're flexible on seat location.

*Read my Disclosure


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