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Sunday, July 6, 2014

What to Look for in Men's Sandals

What to Look for in Men's Sandals
Do you like to wear sandals in the summer? Reef has over 100 sandals for men, in many different colors and styles. Picking what's right for you can be a chore or very easy, depending upon how hard you want to make things.

The Basics
The basics of picking a sandal are similar to picking a shoe. Find a style you like then see if they have your size available. Color options vary considerably where the sole could only be black but the strap colors could have many offerings. Or, there might be multiple sole colors available, in perhaps brown, white, or black. Is width a concern? You might not have as many styles available if you’re foot is too wide. Just pick something that won’t clash too much with your style. Think casual, not too formal, as you won’t be wearing them with a suit. Well, a swimsuit maybe, but not a business suit.

Strap or No Strap
How secure do you want the sandal to be on your foot? While no sandal is really meant for running, if you want the sandal to more securely stay on your foot, consider getting one with a rear strap. If you get one with the rear strap cushioned, it will be more comfortable and shouldn’t cause blistering with excessive wear. Of course, no strap has no risk of that problem.

Extra Features
Beyond the basic sandal, what more is there to look for in a sandal? Did you know there are sandals with a bottle opener? It is summer and where else could you carry it when you're on the beach in a swimsuit? How about cushioned foot beds? While sandals are meant to be more casual, if you're wearing them for a full day, you definitely want something comfortable. Also consider men’s sandals with arch support if you need that little extra boost.

Don’t just consider style when looking for men’s leather sandals. There is more to sandals than meets the eye. If you want something that lasts, don’t just treat this as a quick and easy purchase but one that requires as much thought as when buying a regular pair of men’s shoes.


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