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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Converting Personal Pinterest Account to Business Account

Converting Personal Pinterest Account to Business Account
Do you use Pinterest for commercial gain, like redirecting people back to your blog which has advertising and sponsored posts? According to their terms of service, you must have a business account, not a personal one. While you can certainly create a second account just for your blog, if you've attracted a considerable following, you don't want to start from scratch again. Here are steps you need to convert your account.
First, go to top left and press the icon with the three little lines. This opens up a big menu of options. Across the bottom line is Businesses. Select that.

Convert Now
Next, select the Convert now option. If you want a second account, select Join as a business instead.
 Convert to Business Account
Selecting Convert now brings up a form. Under Business Type, select Professional, as that includes blogger. Make sure the Business Name is just that, not your personal name. Review and update the About Me section if nothing more than to just make sure it is current.

Scroll down and read the terms of service. After reading, if you agree, select I agree to the Business Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Then press Convert and your account will be all transferred.

That's really all there is to it.


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