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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tom's of Maine Does Long Lasting Deodorant

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Tom's of Maine Does Long Lasting Deodorant
My wife has become a bit of a localvore of late. Foodwise, we're in a CSA for the local farm and she makes our bread and pasta from scratch, pizza dough, too. My seven-year old son calls regular store-bought bread chemical bread. Thanks Subway for azodicarbonamide. With all that going on with the food front, we've started to look to other areas of the household where we can use more natural ingredients. That's where Tom's of Maine comes in.

I first ran across founder Tom Chappell in the early 1990s when he was going to Harvard Divinity School. He was really gung ho about the early natural product market, where the big companies like now majority owner Colgate-Palmolive weren't ready for. Times have changed a little since then, where organic and natural products are now much more mainstream.
It seems everyone knows about their toothpaste. Their oral care products aren't the only thing they do these days. Personal care products like men's deodorant are another product line. I picked up my men's deodorant from Tom's of Maine at Whole Foods, in the Whole Body aisle that I rarely even go down. There are many different varieties available, from unscented, to apricot, to deep forest, and mountain spring, the one I got. The key thing about all of them is their all natural ingredients.
Tom's of Maine Values
Beyond just the natural ingredients of their products, the company stands behind their products and employees in other ways, too. And it shows how on the back labels of their products. The best thing about how they run their company is many of their practices are becoming much more mainstream nowadays, not all, but some.
Tom's of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant
One thing I had to get used to with their long-lasting deodorant was the feel of the product. I'm accustomed to a gel, and I've used a solid in the past. This is definitely moister than a solid but softer than the gel. No complaints here, it is just different. The mountain spring smell was familiar but not too strong.
Tom's of Maine Kid's Toothpaste
We're even getting our son into more natural products, too, and away from his chemical bread. He's still getting used to the mild mint flavoring of the toothpaste, instead of the more common berry/bubblegum kid's flavorings, but as long as he has his Angry Birds toothbrush, he seems to be good so far, for now at least.

If you're looking to reduce the intake of artificial ingredients and preservatives, don't just look at foods. Personal and oral care products are another avenue to clean up your body. And, Tom's of Maine has been doing a great job at it for forty-four years.

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  1. We made the switch to their deodorant a while back but still haven't gotten the toothpaste for the kids. I'll have to peruse the Whole Body aisle next time I'm at Whole Foods. #client