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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Simon Swipe Review #SimonSwipeChallenge

I received this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions states are my own and may differ from yours.
Simon Swipe Review
Do you remember the old Simon game growing up? It came out in the 1980s with lights and sounds. It was very simple to play, just repeat back the pattern the system played. Simon Swipe is a newer, updated version of the same game. It still has the same four color pattern design, but now, instead of just pushing each colored button to match the pattern, there are times when you must swipe the color. Instead of just a single touch point for each button, there are now two. And, sometimes you have to swipe across two or three colors at once for a single move, instead of just one.

The game is for the 8+ crowd and requires three AA batteries (included). The game isn't formally released yet as you can't go to Amazon or Toys R Us to pickup. It will be available at mass merchant retailers this summer. I received this product as part of the Simon Tester program. The form is still up so it is possible you can still sign up, too, and get a free product. No promises, but at least you can try.
How to hold the Simon Swipe
How to hold the Simon Swipe
Before you get started playing with the game, there is one important thing to remember. While it looks like you can hold the game from around the edges, like a steering wheel, don't. You'll be activating the different buttons. Instead, you must hold the device from the center, or leave it down on the table.

The game offers four modes of play.

  1. Classic provides the familiar repeat back the pattern. There are no swipes here, just taps.
  2. Levels offers sixteen levels of turns, where each level is a set number of turns to repeat back.
  3. Extreme has you do taps, swipes, and u-turns, where it speeds up.
  4. Party mode where you pass the unit around to play.
The game is really fun to play with and easy to pickup and put down for short play runs. Of course, you can certainly play longer, especially if you want to play the classic mode and go for the longest run. At just $18.99 suggested retail, it isn't a bad price, though I'd hope for a better price when on sale. Plenty of fun to be had here.


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