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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Watermelon Oreos

Watermelon Oreos
I've hunted out many Limited Edition Oreo cookies in my days but I have to give credit to my wife for finding this one. While visiting Target last night, my wife ran across some Watermelon flavor creme Oreos.
No, they aren't that thick, but I couldn't resist double stacking them. Doesn't make the taste any better though. I definitely would have preferred a stronger watermelonny flavor, though you get more of a Bubblicious bubble gum like flavor now. Worth a try, but not something you'll probably get again. I'll stick with my personal favorite, the double stuff golden Oreo.

Watermelon Oreo Inside
While writing this, I ran across an article over at Huffington Post: A Definitive Ranking Of Oreo Flavors, Ranked From Awful To Awesome. They rank Watermelon 14 of 16 with a comment of "A Miss." I've never heard of the marshmallow crispy ones. Will have to hunt those out. If you like trying the limited edition variety Oreo cookies, definitely worth a try.

Argentina has an interesting flavor I'd love to see come to the states. OREO Duo Dulce De Leche And Banana.


  1. My boyfriend likes watermelon-flavored desserts so I was hopeful when I saw this. Sounds like they're not really all that watermelon-y, though. Thanks for the review!