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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Save $50 on a Slingbox

I've been a big TiVo fan. I got my first Tivo back in 2001. If you're not familiar with the Tivo, it is a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that basically allows you to time shift when you watch your TV. Think of it as a VCR that tapes programs to the hard drive inside the computer instead of to a VHS tape. The unit learns what you like and record so will record things for you that it thinks you might like. It is also quite a bit easier to program than a VCR.
Back in 2005, I was a fan of another piece of technology called a Slingbox. Like the Tivo, it provided a revolutionary way of watching TV. This time, instead of time shifting when you watch TV, it allowed you to place shift it. From anywhere over the Internet, you could now watch a home TV and control it with a remote over the computer. My favorite use of it was once when I was traveling, I was watching American Idol over the net, from India if I remember correctly. My wife was home watching it at the same time. We were chatting over Google Talk about the show. She used the Tivo to be watching her TV a few seconds behind to take into account the transfer time of the show to me through the Slingbox.

And that brings us to today. The Slingbox has gone through a few more releases since that first one I had. The latest renditions of it are the Slingbox 350 and Slingbox 500. Functionally, they still do the same thing. Connect your TV, Blu-ray player, security system, or any other device to it, and you can watch and control that device from anyone over the Internet / through the cloud. It is really that simply.

There is a competing service called Aero TV going through the Supreme Court right now. (Now available in Boston.) Like the Slingbox, they let you watch TV over the Internet.

If you purchase a Slingbox before 7/12/14, you can save $30 off Slingbox 350 or $50 off Slingbox 500. Just use code xd7j8pant at checkout.

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