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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Puku S8 Charger Review

I received this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions states are my own and may differ from yours.
Puku S8 800 mHa Charger
I frequently run out of power on my phone. I just use it frequently and am not always near a charger to recharge throughout the day. I also use some devices that need to kept charged that are used away from the computer. Think headphones or Bluetooth headset. Thanks to a chance to review a Puku S8 Charger, I think I might have found the answer,

The Puku S8 Charger is basically a big battery. It comes with a micro USB charger, and you can use this to both plug the S8 in to charge or plug your device in to the S8 to charge your phone, headset, etc. Or it will take any USB connector, like from an iPhone.
Charging phone with the Puku S8 Charger
To test out the unit, I charged up the S8 and then I let my phone charge run out. I then plugged my phone into the S8. It took about two hours to recharge. The S8 has enough power to recharge a phone three to five times, and with two plugs, the S8 can charge two units at a time. For a tablet, the 8000 mAh power it supplies can recharge about 50-100% of that tablet.

How can you tell how much charge is left within the Puku? The lights of the unit are actually color coded based upon how much charge is left within it. Flashing red is bad and means the unit has less than 10% left. Flat red ranges from 11-34%. Orange is 35-70%, and white, like the picture above, is 71-100%. While charging, the white flashes to indicate not fully charged yet.

If spending a full day or more away from power, the Puku is a great companion. We like spending the day at Old Sturbridge Village. I always run out of charge there, as I like to take pictures, and my son likes to play games during down time. The Puku allows us to keep the device going long after the original charge has been used. I'm loving this device as the longer we can keep our son happy, the longer we can stay and enjoy the trip. Think being off the grid for a week and still keeping your phone charged the whole time.

The Puku comes in six different vibrant colors and sells for $99 for the 8000 mAh model. Red, gray, blue, green, purple, turquoise. It comes with free shipping in the continental US. From their web site, it looks like they're working on a 12000 mAh unit, but it isn't available yet. (Update: expected availability in the fall.)

I'm really loving their S8 charger. Besides the pure function of the model, the vibrant colors really turn heads when I'm recharging openly. Usually, I don't mind the extra eyes, though I can see some reasons not to be so open about it. Those times, perhaps the gray unit is the one to buy, less flashy. Great toy to have for those extended off grid times. Lovin' it.

If you're not familiar with mAh, it is a measurement of milliamp hours. The more hours available, the longer your phone runs. How quickly it runs down depends on how many milliamps your phone uses per hour.

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  1. This is really nice, thank you for your candid review.

  2. I always seem to run out when I'm not at home near a charger. This Puku S8 Charger would be a big help. I like that it comes in purple because it matches my iPad hard shell case and adapters.

  3. (Puku S8 Charger Review) I am wondering if this charger would work on my I-Pod Shuffle? I really like that the charger comes in the purple color too, that's my fave.

    1. As long as you have the right end on the plug side of the charger, you'll be fine. Can you plug that end into your USB port, to sync with your laptop/computer?

    2. Yes I plug it into my computers USB port to charge it most of the time. Seems to take awhile to charge though.