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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hot or Not App Review and $1,000 Giveaway

Hot or Not App
An early web site I recall was dubbed Hot or Not. It showed an uploaded picture and you rated it from 1 to 10. As the uploader, it played up your ego typically, though if people didn't like the picture, you might not appreciate it too much. Different versions of the site came about, with risque pictures being one of the more popular versions.
hot or not logo
Now, Hot or Not has been rebranded in the app word. The Hot or Not app, for the iPhone, iPad, or Android will allow you to connect up with your Facebook friends and friends of friends easily, and rate them.

To start, you must connect the app to your Facebook account. It wants to access your public profile, friend list, email address, birthday, interest, likes, current city, photos, and videos.

Once you connect the account, it is time for the rating. It shows you profiles closest to you first. When looking at a specific profile, you can rate the person hot (heart icon) or not (X icon). There is no numerical ranking, basically just a thumbs up or down. There isn't even a skip option. You can filter the profiles by gender or age, though.

If you find someone of interest, you can click through to see more about them and their other photos. It shows you where they are now, along with their current score, and interests, highlighting those that are shared. If you happen to have shared Facebook friends, these show up, too. And, you can also block if you really don't like them. 

After you've looked around some, you should really setup your account more. By setup, we're talking about adding photos to help you get rated best. You can add these from Facebook, use an existing photo (off your phone typically), or take a new photo. All photos are moderated so you shouldn't find NSFW pics. There isn't even much cleavage to be seen.

If you play enough, you'll get Connections, where someone ranks you who you ranked. These allow you to communicate one-on-one inside app or meet up outside the app space. Does that turn this into a dating app?

Visiting the Facebook social channel for Hot or Not just points you to the mobile app version to download.
Hot or Not Connection Lost
While using the mobile app, I seem to have lost my connection. This brought up a message on the screen to show the status change. I was still able to rate additional people. It eventually reconnected.

The makers of the Hot or Not app also are running a $1,000 sweepstakes. It is for a gift card to the retailer of your choice. The giveaway runs until February 14th. 

Read the rules to see how to get a second entry.

In the end, the app is an interesting egotistical twist to the original site, taking into the app world. It offers a fun way to kill time, ranking people. My only concern is the privacy aspect. I'd rather use the app w/o the Facebook connection.

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  1. I cannot imagine being involved in this. Either one is a masochist or a narcissist. Through one into a deep depression or feed one's tremendous ego.