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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Editing Your Facebook Lookback Video

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You've seen it plenty of times on your Facebook wall. To help celebrate Facebook's 10th anniversary, they've added a feature to show off your history on Facebook. The app is called Facebook Lookback. When it first came out, it didn't have an Edit feature. You were basically stuck with the suggestions they offered. Now it does allow you to edit.
Facebook Lookback Share Your Movie Edit
Once you're on the Facebook Lookback page, editing is easy. Just hit the new Edit button. Then all you have to do is pick new photos and posts from the selections available. You may need to deselect an existing selection before selecting something new. Once done, press Update and wait. Facebook will generate a new video for you and notify you when it is available.


  1. this is some great information, it took me like forever to finally get a picture up on facebook,hehe thanks for share @tisonlyme143