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Monday, January 27, 2014

Wooden Watch Blogger Opp

Here's a blogger opportunity for a giveaway with an interesting prize, a wooden watch. I don't believe I've seen this prize before. Should be a popular giveaway when it starts. Looks like you get a free link with announcement post, Facebook or Twitter. The event will start once they get 20 bloggers to participate.
Sign up for the Wooden Watch Blogger Opp. Starts at 20 bloggers.
This is a Blogger Giveaway Event. 
Bloggers will be given one free link with announcement post. Bloggers are expected to promote this giveaway thru their social media accounts at least twice a week. 
Please do not sign up, if you cannot commit. 

Please Sign Up Here! 
For information regarding this event please contact Heather at mommyonlyhastwohands(at)gmail(dot)com