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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top Posts from 2013

Java John Z's
So, I thought I'd go through the stats for last year and see what was most popular. Here are some highlights from what I discovered.

Apart from the main entry page, the most popular single page was the giveaway listing page. This highlights which giveaways were recently posted. You can also use the widget on the top right column to see the current ones, ending soonest first. The giveaway listing page also includes non-blogger giveaways like cars and other man toys that I might post about.

Discover the Dinosaurs

The most popular review was for the Discover the Dinosaurs show from last January. This just goes to show that even though the site didn't have as much traffic when the review was written, over time, page views add up.

The most popular giveaways were for Amazon Gift Cards [2], Target Gift Cards [2], iPad Minis, and a Fire Pit Grill. I'm curious to see if the issues with Target over the holidays affects the desire for their gift cards. I have to say I was surprised to see the Coach Bag giveaways were not as popular. Purely as a sum of the parts, the bounce house giveaways were popular, but no single one was really that popular.

The upcoming giveaways page is popular for those looking to see what's coming up. The blogger opportunities is a good way to see what blogger opportunities are coming. Both have been harder to maintain as many opportunities are no longer requiring announcement pages and sign up links go away once full. So, several are just announcements of prizes with dates but no links.
OrigAudio's EpiShock Speaker

The second most popular pure review post was for the OrigAudio's EpiShock Speaker. Some other reviews were more popular but included a giveaway so you can't necessarily say which/why was more popular. We just reviewed Flips Audio Headphones. I'm curious to see if that proves as popular.

The most popular tech tip was on Canceling NFL Mobile Premium on Verizon, though I think the tip was good across other providers as well. The mobile version of the page was more popular than the desktop version, which isn't surprising. I should try to post more of these tech tips.

Thanks for being a fan. Looking forward to seeing what 2014 holds in store.


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