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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Which Tool for Giveaways? Results

Giveaway Tools Logo
Rafflecopter Logo

Thanks to everyone who answered our "Which tool for giveaways?" poll. We had over 200 respondents. Here are the results:

  102 (47%)
Giveaway Tools
  77 (35%)
  13 (6%)
  11 (5%)
Blog Commenting
  8 (3%)
  5 (2%)

When I first started this blog a year ago, I started using Rafflecopter for giveaways. Last month, I thought I'd give Giveaway Tools a try. As someone who likes to enter giveaways himself, I prefer using Giveaway Tools. As the administrator of giveaways, I haven't decided which I prefer. After trying Giveaway Tools for a few months, I'll decide which to go with longer term, keeping in mind the poll results.

If you answered the poll with an answer of Other, please leave a comment about what else is out there. Thanks.


  1. I used to love rafflecopter now for some reason it does not keep me logged in at all and I have to keep re-entering my name and email several times and it will not connect to my facebook. So now I skip them and only do giveawaytools ones.