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Monday, December 2, 2013

New Wave Enviro's Premium 10 Stage Water Filter Giveaway

I never knew I needed ten stages in my water filter. If you lack a filter or feel your filter doesn't offer enough stages to cleanse, enter until 12/15. US only. Don't drink straight tap water ever again.
Enter to win the Premium 10 Stage Water Filter Giveaway. Ends 12/15.

Premium 10 Stage Water Filter Giveaway
Sponsored by: New Wave Enviro
Hosted by: Elitemama

Get great tasting, healthy water for just pennies per gallon! -- Enviro Products’ patented 10 Stage Water Filter delivers chlorine-free, odorless, great-tasting water at your kitchen sink. The space-saving, attractive countertop filter installs easily in seconds to any standard faucet and allows you to easily change between tap water* and filtered water as needed.

• Chlorine and Chloramines
• Herbicides and Pesticides
• Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg odor)
• Trihalomethanes (cancer-causing organic/chlorine compounds)
• Microorganisms such as cysts, giardia, cryptosporidium, protozoa, etc.
• Heavy metals like lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.
• Organic Arsenic
• PCBs
• Asbestos
• And dozens of other contaminants! 

10 Stages of Protection Against Major Water Contaminants:
Stage 1 - 30 micron sponge filter. Traps larger solids (sediments) such as rust.
Stage 2 - 8 oz. of KDF-55. KDF-55 is a patented alloy which removes free chlorine and some heavy metals, thereby prolonging the life of the filter and is an excellent Bacteriostat.
Stage 3 - 10 micron felt pad which removes smaller floating solids and separates the layers, preserving their integrity.
Stage 4 - 30 cubic inches of ultra fine mesh, superior coconut shell and granulated activated carbon. Granulated activated carbon has long been accepted by the E.P.A. and others as the premier, cost-effective way to remove chlorine, bad odors and color from drinking water. G.A.C. also removes organic contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides, arsenic, mercury and trihalomethanes - a cancer-causing organic pollutant.
Stage 5 - 10 micron felt pad for fine sediment removal.
Stage 6 - 7 cubic inches of ion exchange resin which removes lead to below minimum E.P.A. standards.
Stage 7 - Additional 30 micron felt pad provides an extra buffer against floating sediment of any kind.
Stage 8 - 7 cubic inch bed of G.A.C. which provides extra protection against cancer-causing organic pollutants.
Stage 9 - 2 oz. of calcite which raises the water’s pH and lowers acidity. It also increases alkalinity, which many nutritionists recommend.
Stage 10 - 1 micron absolute depth filter. A filter with a micron rating this small screens out cysts and protozoa, (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium), and gives the filtered water a sparkling clarity.

While the comprehensive 10 Stage Filter removal list is impressive, another great benefit the filter offers is what it leaves in your water: the good minerals that keep us healthy! These include magnesium, potassium, calcium, etc.

Enjoy 365 days of fantastic, fresh water that you and your family will enjoy!

You can also find Elitemam's Review here!


One lucky reader will win a Premium 10 Stage Water Filter - $124.99. Open to United States residents 18 years or older. Giveaway begins 12/1 and will ends 12/15 at 10pm. Enter the Giveaway Tools form below for your chance to win! 
Disclaimer: Java John Z's was not compensated for this post and is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Please contact Maryam from Elitemama with questions about this giveaway or for help organizing one for your brand


  1. I like that it removes most metals from water. Our water could use that.

  2. i would love to win the filter so i can rest assured my family is getting the cleanest drinking water possible.

  3. We are drinking a lot of water and I would feel better knowing it was clean and it would probable even taste better.

  4. It would be great to be able to drink clean water instead of having to buy it every week.

  5. I'd love to win this so that I would have clean, good tasting water to drink at home
    sksweeps (at) earthlink (dot) net

  6. We have well water and it smells and taste like sulfa

  7. I would like to win because staying hydrated is very important to me and an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. It's equally important that the water I drink is clean and with the 10 stage water filter I could feel confident that the water I'm drinking is good for me.

  8. I would like to win because we have well water and you never know what gets in there esp when we have a farmer that uses processed human feces for fertilizer...yeah you read that right. They have been doing it for a couple years now and it is completely legal.

  9. I have a son with a heart transplant and my daughter had Burkitt Lymphoma so we have to buy water so this would help to cut down that cost every month when we have to buy our bottled water. Filtering the water through our faucet would save us lots of money!

  10. We have an artisian well and, as a result, our water always has some level of sediment in it. Our Brita filter is okay but this would be a HUGE improvement!

  11. I would like the water filter to take out any bacteria that could be in the water.

  12. The water here is terrible & this would help it be healthy!

  13. in the event of an emergency or during camping

  14. we buy water alot. this would save us some money.
    gabbflabber at

  15. We buy a lot of water. This would be a cost saver for us.

  16. I live in a rural area and we have well water, but it is not good well water we have to filter it and this would be perfect for us!

  17. I want to win because I would love clean and fresh water straight out of the faucet instead of buying bottled water.

  18. i wouldl like this for purer water


  19. I would love to win this because my water tastes horrible where I live, and I often buy bottled water. I think it's be great for my pocketbook, and of course better for the environment too, if I were able to use filtered water.

  20. I would love to win this so my family could have pure, great tasting water free from contaminates. We drink water all the time and this would be a great thing to have.

  21. I know I would drink a lot more water if I wasn't afraid of it.

  22. The only filter we have is our refridgerator.

  23. I want this to filter our tap water because I don't completely trust it!

  24. I would want to drink cleaner water.
    Brittney House

  25. Our water doesn't taste good, and I'd love to drink more!

  26. I hate drinking tap water because of the weird taste, but bottled water is too expensive, so this would be the perfect middle ground!

  27. I currently have a bottled water deliver service that is very expensive, and very inconvenient (especially if I forget to leave my empties out the night before smaller home winds up with 10 five gallon bottles of water in the hallway and the kitchen!) Plus I know it isn't that environmentally friendly having the water delivered at the distance it is. I would much prefer a reliable water purifier that would deliver healthy filtered pure tasting water. Goodbye to big monthly drinking water bills and those pesky bottles I trip over nearly every day!

  28. I would love to have this because I don't like the water we have currently and just buy bottled water.

  29. First, I like the way the product looks! Very cool and contemporary. Second, my family drinks a lot of tap water. I like the idea of having our filtered in the 10 stages described, it sounds wonderful!

  30. I would love this for purer water!