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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Make a LEGO Minifigure Holiday Card

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LEGO for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

The past few years, our Christmas cards have included a picture of our son with Santa at Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots. This year, LEGO offers a fun alternative. You can create your own LEGO Minifigure Family holiday card / postcard.
The Zukowski Family

The process of creating the card is actually quite fun. For each member of the family, you get to configure their head, torso, and legs. For the head, you get to pick from six skintones, 37 facial expression, and 83 options for hair/hat. Some options are more feminine or more masculine, while other options are unisex. For the torso, you have 50 outfits to choose from, while the legs have 46 choices. It is almost like you're at the "Build a Minifigure" bin inside a LEGO store. For the math crazy folks out there, that is 42,379,800 different people you can configure. Actually, that isn't the complete set to choose from. Those are just the options for the Adult choice.

In addition to having Adult minifigures, you can also have a Child, Baby, Cat or Dog. If you pick Child, there are the same six skintones, with five facial expressions, 83 options for hair/hat, 50 outfits, and 3 leg colors. If you pick the Baby, they appear in a baby carriage and you can only pick one of three colors for the carriage (pink, blue, yellow). I'm a bit disappointed with the Cat and Dog choices. Each of those only has three color options. I'd like to see options for size and/or spotted or striped. Plus we have a black dog, and black wasn't even an option.

After configuring up to 13 people to be included in the holiday card, you get to pick the background scene. Here there are twelve choices. These vary from a fun North Pole scene, an office sceen, a handful of fireplace scenes, to even on another planet. Looking outside and seeing snow on the ground, the beach scene just seems wrong for me, but that is more the norm for other people, and thus available.

After completing the family portrait, you have a few more configurable options. You can choose to show or hide the family member names and can custumize the greeting/message. From there, it is on to sharing, linking, downloading, or emailing. The sharing option presents an age verification window, then offers Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest sharing buttons. The others, don't seem to care about age.

Overall, a fun way to create a family portrait as a holiday card in under five minutes. I think I'm going to use it now for my cover photo in Facebook. Have fun with it yourself, too.
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