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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Free Lookout Farm Saturday August 10

Belkin Family Lookout Farm
I've been an annual member over at Lookout Farm in Natick for several years now. If you pickup the family pass early enough in the season, you even get it at a discount. In fact, they are on sale again this Saturday for just $69. We love to pick their fruits in the fall and they have a great children's play area with farm animals, a bounce house, hay rides, and a few more activities. Around Halloween, they even have one day where members get free pumpkins, which adds up if you snag the larger ones. This Saturday, they are shooting a new promotional video and to attract a large crowd, admission is free for the day.

Interested in picking some fruit while visiting? Peaches, Pristine Apples and Red Dandee Apples are ready for picking.

The biggest complaint for the place at TripAdvisor is the admission fee and this is one way to avoid it. I have to say in all the times I've been there, I've never experienced the rude staff others mention.


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