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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Creative Ideas for Wedding Photos

Wedding Table by George Hodan

We have a guest post here on wedding photo ideas.

Wedding photography is a big deal to many brides and grooms. These photos will be duplicated and sent out to several relatives so that the occasion can be remembered for years to come. Many couples are willing to pay the big bucks to achieve quality wedding pictures such as the ones found on Yet there are some couples who are striving to spare expenses for the big day. They might ask an amateur photographer or a friend or family member to take these shots. If this large task is up to you, consider relying on these tips for creating quality and memorable creative wedding photographs.


There are several poses you can pull off for wedding photos. These can be sweet and touching photos, or they can be goofy. The idea is to be creative and to make positive memories. Don’t just take photos of the bride and groom smiling or kissing. Maybe get the groom to carry the bride or dip her when kissing. Add props such as umbrellas or get candid shots of the couple on a bench. Take individual photos of the bride and groom. Ask the groom to pose like a secret agent with a gun; tell the bride to spin around in her dress. As for group shots, try a variety of poses. For example, instruct the party to shoot their fists in the air while the wedding couple kisses. If it’s a bridesmaid’s picture, ask them to have a tug-of-war with the groom over the bride. Of course, be sure you get plenty of candid snapshots of each member of the wedding party.

Special Effects

After you’ve returned from the wedding, you should begin the photo editing process. Special effects can make the photos more eye-catching and more polished. A few basic editing jobs you can do are adding black and white or sepia tones. Enhancing the colors and saturation contributes to a quality photograph. You can also crop the photos to balance the picture and change your focal point. Add a few more effects such a selective blur or soft focus. If you notice any blemishes or red eyes, use the retouching features to remedy these issues. For more ideas, visit


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