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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Four Types of Garage Door Openers

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Choosing a garage door for your home might end up being a more difficult choice than you first imagined. There are many options to choose from including single panel doors, sectional doors, roller doors, and many more. In addition to choosing the type of door you want, you’ll also need to choose a garage door remote. There are a variety of options to choose from including belt drive, chain drive, and screw drive. Continue reading to learn more about these garage door openers in Fishers. 

Screw Drive Openers

The screw drive opener was the first type of garage door open. It used to be very popular, but is less common these days. This opener consists of a threaded steel rod that raises and lowers the door. While screw drive openers are fairly low maintenance and very powerful, they tend to be noisy and slow. For this reason, it seems they are being phased out of the industry.

Chain Drive Openers

Chain drive garage door openers function through the use of a chain which is attached to a metal trolley which opens the door. Because they are the most economical and fairly dependable, these openers are among the most common in the industry. However, keep in mind that they can be somewhat noisy. Additionally, some users report that some of the parts break or fall apart more easily making these openers less reliable than some of their counterparts.

Belt Drive Openers

Belt drive openers are often chosen because they are the quietest garage door openers around. The belt drive uses rubber belts to function which eliminates the sound created by the metal-on-metal contact that happens with other garage door openers. The rubber belts also result in reduced vibration and fewer moving parts. Keep in mind that while these openers are powerful and quite, they are also the most expensive. 

Direct Drive Openers

What is a direct drive garage door opener? That is a hard question to address because any opener that does not fall into the above three categories can be considered a direct drive garage door opener. If none of the above garage door openers from Fishers appeal to you, you might want to look into some of these alternative options.

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