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Friday, June 21, 2013

Paleonola Granola Review

Disclosure: I received the mentioned product for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions stated are my own and my differ from yours.

During a recent trip to the local Whole Foods, my son and I ran across another one of those in store product samplings. This time for some granola, with a twist. Instead of your typical grain-based granola, this one was a 100% all-natural GRAIN FREE granola from a company called Paleonola. After tasting the Apple Pie and Maple Pancake varieties, my son liked both and we bought Apple Pie.
Paleonola Product Line
After getting home and offering my son the granola for breakfast the next morning, I thought I would contact the vendor to see if they might be interested in a review. My son enjoyed the granola immensely and what better way to try it out more than to check out their variety pack since they have five differently flavored packages. The Apple Pie and Maple Pancake I previously mentioned, as well as Original, Pumpkin Pie, and Chocolate Fix.

We're typically a Bear Naked kinda home, but Paleonola is giving them a run for their money. The big difference between the two is the grains (and the price). Bear Naked's Maple Pecan variety has 20 grams of grains per serving. Paleonola has zero. Calories vary by variety but comparing Bear Naked's Maple Pecan to Paleonola's Maple Pancake, it is 130 for a 1/4 cup serving versus 148 on the Paleonola side. About a 10% increase. The biggest difference here is in the amount of fat in the serving. The grains in Bear Naked keep the count low at 4g of total fat. Paleonola comes in at a whopping 11.4g. Nearly three times as much thanks to the nuts, but only 3 grams of Saturated Fat. Both are about 2g of total fiber and 3g of protein.

The ingredients of the Maple Pancake bag is almonds, pecans, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, raisins, coconut oil, maple syrup, sunflower seeds, honey, almond meal, flax meal, unsweetened shredded coconut, pure vanilla extra, and lastly cinnamon. The others are slightly different, but the key thing to point out is how nut-heavy the bag is. Obviously, avoid if you're allergic to nuts.

What's in a name? Paleo- is a prefix that means ancient or old, as in a Paleontologist studies dinosaurs and prehistoric life. At first I didn't get the connection between their company name and the prefix but their blog explains things quite a bit better than I could:
What is this whole "Paleo" thing? In its most simplest form the term Paleo is derived from the Paleolithic era, a time when our ancestors walked the earth with significantly less chronic disease and illness compared to right now. The premise is - mimic what they ate and go back to a life of real food which will = less disease and better overall health. So what did they eat? Nutrient dense whole foods including mostly meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds and fruit. What did they avoid? Highly processed nutrient poor foods including - grains, legumes and pasteurized dairy products (think white stuff: pastas, table sugar, bread etc.) In the modern era it's not so much about trying to reenact a period of ancient history but is more about trying to create a framework that provides you with the maximum output of health and vibrance. Stay tuned for part two as we dive a little deeper into why this all matters.
In other words, we're all a caveman at heart and we should eat like one, and not eat highly processed foods.

How'd the tasting go? Quite well actually, apart from now having five open bags of granola we have to get through. At least the bags are resealable so the products should preserve well. The Maple Pancake and Apple Pie varieties were clearly my son's favorites, as the bags are almost done. Very prevalent maple syrup and apple tastes/bits in there. The names are pretty obvious if you were to do a blind taste test. Chocolate was fine. A bit too sweet though for breakfast, okay for an afternoon snack. Pumpkin Pie was just okay. While you'll typically find pumpkin seeds in our house, the mixture with the heavy nuts was probably the least favorite with dried cranberries and the spice mix w/o cinnamon. Not that bad, just not as favorable as the rest. Lastly was The Original pack, with dried cranberries and cinnamon. Each recipe is fairly similar to the next, differing with just a couple of the ingredients liked dried apple, cranberries, and raisins as well as spices. While there is a high similarity of ingredients between all the varieties, there is enough of a flavor difference that you will have a favorite.

Would love to see the company grow large enough to offer coupons. That and sale prices is what keeps the Bare Naked prices down. Apart from that, we'll definitely keep looking for Paleonola when it is time to restock.

You can find Paleonola across the web at and on Facebook, Twitter, and their Blog.

DisclosureI received the above mentioned product for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions stated are my own and my differ from yours. See my disclosure policy for more information. 


  1. Thanks jhon for all the insight!!!!

  2. Dried cranberries and cinnamon? YUM!

  3. I love gronolas and the maple pancake flavour is gorgeous!