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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Internet República launches Rock App Roll, the first social media platform to discover new apps

How do you learn about new apps on your phone / tablet? If you spend lots of time searching through the App Store or Google Play, there is now an alternative with an interesting yet awkward name: Rock App Roll. What makes it different is it adds a bit of the social element to finding apps, assuming you trust your friends judgement.

Available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android (Windows phones, too, but we'll ignore them for now, like everyone else), with Rock App Roll you let your friends guide you to their choice of apps when you're searching for something similar. Rock App Roll doesn't scan your phones or download records for what you've downloaded. Instead, the Rock App Roll app asks you to upload your app discoveries so that your friends can find them, too.

“Rock App Roll is not only an app download site, but a community in which users can find the latest and most popular applications, based on ratings and reviews from their friends. Amid an increasingly oversaturated mobile apps market, with more than 1.6 and 1.5 million apps on the Android and iOS marketplaces, respectively, the Rock App Roll platform offers an immediate solution facilitating the discovery and trial of new apps by targeting users’ affinity,” said Ismael El-Qudsi, founder and CEO of Internet República.
Available in seven languages, with Rock App Roll you can learn about new apps from followers in your social graph across all languages, and platforms, too. You also get a wish list so you can track your interest in a product and be notified when there is a pirce drop. And, there are parental controls to help control app store access for the little ones, or teens too, if you think that's necessary.

Here's a video that explains Rock App Roll a little better. There is also a version of the Rock App Roll introductory video available in Spanish.

About Internet República:
Internet República ( is an online marketing agency with offices in Latin America, the United States and Spain. The company provides SEO, social media and digital marketing services.
Ismael El-Qudsi (@elqudsi), CEO of Internet República, is available for interviews.
Connect with Rock App Roll:


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