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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Google Reader End

Google Reader Death Reminder
Here are a couple of tips to make sure you're getting your fill of the articles from here.

The end is near. If you use Google Reader, I'm sure you're well aware of its demise come July 1. There are several other ways you can get notifications of new content, besides the obvious of actually visiting that is.

1) I try my best to cross post to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ whenever a new article is posted here. Occasionally, I'll actually post something to one or the other that I don't make into a whole article here.

2) I've been trying to take advantage of Pinterest more for Reviews, Giveaways, and Blogger Opportunities. I don't post everything there, but I'm still trying to figure out how best to take advantage of there to keep you up to date. Instagram is kinda in the same boat here. I'll post the occasional item there. More typically, the content there will be related to a full article.

3) bloglovin', Google Friends Connect (GFC), RSS, and the daily Feedburner newsletter are also sources to see all the articles. The newsletter goes out around 9am EDT daily. I don't know what the status of GFC will be once Google Reader goes away. Some people seem to think that is going away, too. Personally, I used to check out GFC to follow other blogs. Lately, I've been liking bloglovin' more. Networked Blogs and Linky Followers are a couple of other places you can use to follow articles from here, but those seem to be less popular.

If you're aware of any other places worth using to keep up with blog content, please let me know. Places like Picket Fences and the like are more for popularity contests for blog discovery, not for reading the actual content. Is StumbleUpon worth using?

Facebook Logo
The second half of the tip here has to do with Facebook. If you are relying on Facebook to discover when there is new content here, you're probably missing most articles. With about 6,000 fans there, I'm lucky if 300 see each post. If you want to make sure you see posts, there is something you can do to help. I'm sure you've seen this described for other sites... but I thought I would remind you for here, too.

1) Go to and make sure you've Liked the page.

2) Next, if you hover over the Liked button, a menu will popup. Make sure Show in News Feed option is selected.

3) Hover over Liked again and select Settings. If you then click on All Updates, you should actually see all of my postings then.



  1. i'm using bloglovin now.I'm loving using it so far.commenting on posts right from the app is great