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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sunday's New Giveaways

Sunday was a big day for new giveaways and given all that started, I thought I would highlight the five again. I don't want anyone to miss anything as there are some great prizes here.

Dream Essentials Giveaway wrap
Dream Essentials Giveaway, with a heatable neck wrap as the prize, ends 5/13/13.

$200 Paypal Cash Giveaway Button
$200 PayPal Cash Giveaway, ends 5/12/13.

Brood X Book Cover

$300 Home Depot Gift Card and Brood X Giveaway, ends 5/12/13.

Apple iPad
iPad Giveaway, ending 5/20/13.

Stacy's Savings & Other Stuff Celebration Giveaway
Stacy's Savings & Other Stuff Celebration Giveaway, $125 prize, ends 5/28/13.

Good luck.


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