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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Erica Start Walking 1K Facebook Fans Giveaway Blogger Opp

We have an opportunity to help another blogger celebrate their 1,000 Facebook Fan milestone. Congrats to Erica Start Walking here. The event runs May 3rd - June 3rd and is looking for other bloggers to join in the celebration. Do come back to try to win the $200 PayPal prize. Here at Java John Z's we're celebrating 3,000 fans with a $25 Google Play giveaway. Don't miss out on entering. Gee, $200 for 1,000 fans? That's so much nicer than my prize for three times as many fans. If you sign up, please tell them Java John Z's sent you. Thanks.
Erica Start Walking 1,000 Facebook Fan Giveaway

Erica Start Walking is bring you an awesome Blogger Op to celebrate her 1,000 Fans on Facebook! I was so excited about this I could not wait to participate and share with my readers and give you the opportunity to participate as well. 

The 1,000 Facebook Fan Giveaway Blogger Op sign-ups are now open! SIGN UP HERE
  • Giveaway will abide by the new Facebook rules, so Facebook entries will not get punished. 
  • If you do not wish to post the announcement you can pay a $5.00 non-post fee. 
  • You will receive one free link for participating, you can choose from Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest
  • Additional links $3 each
  • Co-Host Spots are available for $15. Co-Host will receive 4 links in the Rafflecopter, one link in the giveaway post and one enter/comment on Rafflecopter .
  • Page Host $10 (reminder this brings traffic to you page)
Sign Up ends May 1st. Giveaway will go live May 3rd and last for a month ending on June 3rd. 


One lucky winner will receive $200 via PAYPAL CASH Open International 

The blogger with the most referrals will receive a free Co-Host Spot. 

Please send payment for Additional links, Co-Host Spots, and Page Host via PayPal as a gift to (ericabodker (at) ericastartwalking (dot) com


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