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Sunday, March 3, 2013 T-Shirt Review Logo
My t-shirt collection is getting kind of ratty. I've been wearing some for what seems like forever. I've asked my wife to start picking new ones up for me for gifts. One such place to get t-shirts I tried out recently is They offer up some great classic t-shirts from TV shows and movies. (Their tag line is: Your source for classic TV and movie shirts & memorabilia.) From the A-Team to X-Files, Animal House to X-Men, and related pop culture too, you won't be disappointed with their massive collection of items.
Pac Man T-shirt
Rocky's Face

Picking just one t-shirt from this place is difficult at best. How do you choose between all the different elements from my childhood and today. It is hard to decide between the cartoonish ones, TV, and the low-tech shirts of the era.

I ended up picking up a shirt with a huge Atari logo on it, reminiscent of my early gaming days.
Atari T-Shirt
I love the shirt. It is very comfortable. It survived the washer-dryer quite well, with no noticeable deterioration or shrinkage. Unfortunately, I didn't notice when I ordered it that the shirt is a 60/40 blend, and not 100% cotton, a preference of mine. I probably still would have ordered the shirt, but when you order, make sure you double check the material description if it is a concern. Most of their shirts are 100% cotton, but silly old me had his senior moment and didn't check.

Speaking of back tags info, that is my biggest disappointment. First, the shirt is tagless, a good thing. What is printed on the back of the shirt is the size with the care instructions. I couldn't read it. It looked like it was double-printed there.
Atari t-shirt tag
Apart from my mistake of the 60/40 shirt and the double-printing of the back tag, the shirt is great. Neither of those issues affects its wearability. I hope I'm able to wear it as long as the rest of my t-shirts. I'll be revisiting the store again soon to get more shirts. One thing I like about all their shirts is they are officially licensed, so you aren't getting something less desirable out of China. As best as I can tell from the label, this shirt is assembled in Mexico of USA fabric. Many other shirts are labeled Made in USA.

If you decide to make a purchase there yourself, I was able to get a 10% discount code for my readers: java10. This is good into July. I literally could replace my whole t-shirt collection with what they have. They have that many desirable pop culture items. Now, which one to get next...

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