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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Made by Hippies Tie Dye Giveaway Blogger Opp

I haven't owned a tie dye shirt in some time but here's a giveaway offering just that. I'm checking to see if this runs 4/1-4/14 or 4/11-4/24. The announcement post says both.

Here comes another Visionary Bri blogger opportunity
with another one-of-a-kind promotion.
Sign up now for the Made by Hippies Giveaway!

The Etsy shop, Made by Hippies
has offered one winner
a rainbow spiral tie dye tshirt (size small - 4xl). 

This is the shirt that's shown, here, in the first picture.
Made by Hippies is your one stop shop
for everything tie dye.

The colors are bright and vibrant,
the patterns are varied
and the prices just can't be beat.

Made by Hippies Tie Dye Shirt

From shirts to socks to aprons, bandannas and towels,
Made by Hippies
has all your groovy, colorful, Earth-fashion-love needs covered.

Made by Hippies Tie Dye Socks

But that's not all. In Visionary Bri tradition, every entrant is a winner!
Every entrant to this giveaway will get a coupon code
for 25% off their next Made by Hippies Etsy purchase!
All Made By Hippies products are true to their name. They are handmade by Amanda & Erik 
in their Portland, Oregon home using renewable energy.

Made By Hippies Tie Dyes are 100% cotton, colorfast and preshrunk.

Tie dyes are safe to wash and dry with your regular laundry

Made by Hippies washes all their tie dyes three times with hot water and super strength detergent during the Tie Dye process so you can wash them with your other clothes and they won't bleed dye - Guaranteed!

They even offer free shipping!

Details of the Giveaway:
  • Bloggers get a FREE Twitter or Facebook link with Announcement Post or $5 payable on PayPal to (limit 2 blogs per blogger)
  • Additional links available for $3 each payable on PayPal to
  • Giveaway will start on 4/1 on midnight, central time and end on 4/14 at 11:59 pm
  • Bloggers agree to report giveaway link within 24 hours of giveaway going live or will be removed from the RC
  • Bloggers agree to market the post on the social network or linky of their choice 3 time per week

This giveaway will run from 4/11/13 at midnight to 4/24/13 at 11:59 pm.

Signup is here.

HTML for announcement is here.


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