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Friday, January 25, 2013

Boston Area Prizes Linky

Update: I liked the idea here, there just wasn't enough "local" prizes to warrant this. Sorry.

I'm always looking for giveaways specific to the area. Where you have to physically be present in the area to use the prize. Think show tickets, dinner, city tours, etc. I thought I might help by creating a Linky where all the giveaways are of that type. (Did I miss someone else's?)  Are you running a giveaway where the prize is specific to the Boston area, where you have to physically be there to use the prize? Add your giveaway here to help others find them, too. And, enter all the others if you're interested. You don't have to add one to enter any.

Please format your entries with prize and end date of giveaway, as in "Science Museum Membership - 2/2". Thanks.

As far as geography goes, I use the term Boston area loosely. NH, RI, Worcester area, and the Cape are probably fine, too. NYC is definitely too far. Let me know what you think the area should cover.

The plan is to clear out giveaways as they age out and this will be a kind of "permanent" URL for the Linky, so if you have a Linky directory, feel free to add this URL to it. Here's a button if you'd like to point here from your own site. Appreciate any input, and links to your local giveaways. Good luck.
Boston Linky
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