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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Guy Giveaways

I like entering giveaways for more guy-oriented stuff. I know most bloggers are women, but not all the prizes are specific to females. I may enter in those other giveaways for goodies for my wife, but razors, grills, gadgets, tools, or just plain laptops I find more interesting to try to win. Here are a few giveaways with prizes that are either unisex (laptops) or more male friendly.

Apologies if I get an ending date slightly wrong. I did my best to provide correct information. Please double check ending dates on respective blog sites. Also, in most cases I don't know if ending on a date means 12:00 am (start of day) or 11:59 pm (end of day). 

I purposely did not list any gun giveaways, though they are out there. Winners have to physically acquire them through a licensed dealer so they are not just sent blindly.

And a literal giveaway, donate blood before end of year to the Red Cross in CT and get a free screwdriver or tripod flashlight, courtesy of Stanley Black & Decker.

Know of any more guy stuff being given away? Please share in the comments.


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