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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Celtics Cowens Basketball Summer Camps

It is getting to that time of  year where you have to start picking out summer camps. The Celtics recently announced their pricing and schedule for next summer's camp with Dave Cowens. $450 a week, $15 less if you signup before March 15th. For boys and girls, aged 10-18.

While my son is just starting to be old enough for most sports camps, I suspect we'll one day send him to some kind of New England Patriots football-focused camp. Having said that, I could not find much information about any offerings there. Do they hold one? All I could find was something from Patrick Chung, which looks way too hard core, and a kicking camp from Stephen Gostkowski. The closest I could find on the Patriots' web site were some offerings through their charitable foundation, but nothing close to a summer camp.

For hockey fans, the Bruins kid summer camp schedule is out. If the season is canceled, will it still happen? Either $515 for goalies or $580 for Battle Camp. Ages 6-15 here.

The New England Revolution have player development camps over the summer. Sounds too hard core for anything I'd be interested in. We've done youth soccer at the YMCA and we're just not too interested in something so serious.

Lastly, you can't forget about the Boston Red Sox. Like the Celtics, they have a well structure baseball summer camp program offered throughout the summer. Ages 5-13 and $549 per week. Sign up for 2 or more weeks and save $50 with coupon code bossave50.

If anyone knows of any Patriots football camps actually at Foxboro/Gillette Stadium, please let me know.


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