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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Ted the Friendly Frog Giveaway

Here's a fun Christmas book to try to win. Open to US residents only. You have through 1/10/20 to enter. Good luck.

Hoppy Holidays Book Giveaway (3 Winners) ~ Ends 1/10 @TheAgencyBB @homejobsbymom #friendlyfrog 

Christmas Book Giveaway

Welcome to the Hoppy Holidays Book Giveaway!

Ted and his brother Brad are snuggled up by the fire on Christmas Eve, waiting to hear the story of Santa Frog. Their father tells them an incredible tale of the time he met Santa Frog, and they can't believe their ears! A frog in a red coat, flying a sleigh pulled by nine birds, leaving presents under Christmas trees; it almost sounds too good to be true. When the story is done, Ted and Brad can't wait to see if Santa Frog comes again that night. Will Ted get to meet Santa Frog this Christmas? See if his holiday wish comes true in Ted the Friendly Frog and Santa Frog, the third release in Scott McCall's book series.


3 Winners


Ted the Friendly Frog and Santa Frog Hardcover Book

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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Snardler Book Blast and Giveaway

Here we have a young adult humor book and a giveaway to boot. Open to US residents only for a copy of the book. Good luck.

The Catalogues of Epicness, Book 1
Young Adult Humor
Date Published: 12/14/2019
Publisher: INtense Publications LLC

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Xavier Crenshaw discovers his life’s calling when he devises an elaborate prank that goes badly wrong. Enlightened by this experience, Xavier creates “snardling,” which is subtly but crucially different from ordinary pranks. For starters, snardlers never get caught. Crisis comes when Xavier and his two partners snardle the whole school, and the wrong person gets blamed. The team falls apart in the aftermath, until a despondent Xavier receives a secret note requesting a snardle of extraordinary proportions to occur at the unveiling of long-dead poet’s secret diary. Despite his careful planning, Xavier wasn’t ready for the terrifying surprise awaiting him, and no one in Penceleton is prepared for what comes next.

Who Was Joseph Pulitzer? Book Blast and Excerpt

Here we have an on the newly release biography of someone you just might have heard of. Check out the info on the book then read the excerpt. You might just learn something about this guy named Pulitzer.

 photo Who was Joseph Pulitzer_zpsxnqbg8py.jpg
Biographical Novel
Publisher: Knollwood Press

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Pulitzer was a rags to riches story who revolutionized the newspaper industry by introducing sensationalism and shaking the ground of American politics by demanding changes to stop the rich from exploiting the poor. Crimmins' novel brings us into the day to day life of this unique genius, who arrived in America as an immigrant who barely spoke English yet twenty years later developed and edited two of the biggest newspapers in the nation. Pulitzer's run-ins with the other newspaper titans of the Gilded Age show us the men who laid the foundations of American journalism, and his confrontations with the wealthy robber barons brings us into the drama of how Pulitzer began a surge for reform that was so very important to improve the quality of American life. Pulitzer's wife tries desperately to comfort the man whom she deeply loves, yet their romance is shattered by how Pulitzer's workaholic Napoleonic ambitions came to cause him a terrible breakdown, causing this newspaper widow further to the sidelines in this captivating drama of American life. Crimmins' dramatic novel brings us into fundamental elements at the heart of American society, describing the life of a man who fought essential political battles that changed life as we know it in the United States.

Ozeri Holiday Home Essentials Giveaway

Here's what looks like a great giveaway with a prize pack of home essentials. Open continental US residents only, you have through 12/31 to enter. Good luck.

The Ozeri Holiday Home Essentials Giveaway (1 Winner ~ $140+ TRV) @Ozeri @SMGuruNetwork

Welcome to The Ozeri Holiday Home Essentials Giveaway!

1 Winner

This giveaway is part of our Holiday Gift Guide – Stop by to see all the giveaways and great products.

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Friday, December 13, 2019

The Mental Game of Real Estate Book Blast and Excerpt

Want to start off the new year as a real estate investor? Here's a book you might be interested in checking out. You'll find an excerpt here, too.

 photo zLE15E16_zpsi0gs1kij.jpeg
Real Estate Investments, Buying and Selling Homes
Date Published: November 19, 2019
Publisher: Lucid Books

When Brad Bevers started in real estate fifteen years ago, he wanted to learn as much as possible. But after reading all the real estate books he could find, he quickly realized he needed to ignore the collective wisdom on becoming a successful agent. He would go on to grow his business more than twenty times his average income from his first few years.

If you love making cold calls, smiling like a mannequin, and scream-selling your way to the top, this book is not for you. For those who would rather build a strong business the right way, 'The Mental Game of Real Estate' gives you the map to succeed.

In this book, you will learn:

• The (only) four ways to make money on a property

• Psychological principles that will build rapport fast

• A Negotiation 101 crash course

• The crucial skills to making a killer first impression

• Three closing techniques that won’t make you feel slimy

• And much more

Brad’s goal with this book is to let you in on the principles he has learned so that you can get started faster and serve your clients more effectively, while putting more money in your pocket. May this book help you on your real estate journey!