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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Sum of All Tears Book Blast and Giveaway

Do preppers read a lot of Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian novels? Here's a pair for them to check out. Then be sure to enter the associated giveaway for a $50 Amazon gift card. Open worldwide, you have through 7/15 to enter. Good luck.

Sum of All Tears Book 1
by Kim Cresswell & M.K. Chester
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian, Paranormal 

They said it wouldn't happen.

Everything would be better.

They were wrong.

After a climate change experiment goes terribly wrong, August Madison, finds herself resurrected in a frozen wasteland.

With most of the world's population and food sources annihilated, depraved nomadic gangs patrol the lawless landscape as outlasters claw for survival.

Amid the chaos, Graysen Marx, iron-fisted leader of the domed settlement Liberty, emerges from the catastrophic event with his own agenda.

When August crosses his path, he sees an opportunity he must exploit.

She sees an evil she must destroy.

Fans of The Day after Tomorrow, The Handmaid's Tale, Mad Max, and The Hunger Games are sure to enjoy this enthralling post apocalyptic dystopian adventure with a paranormal twist.

Bills (vs. Patriots) Halftime Wedding Ceremony Giveaway

I doubt they would pick anyone from the Boston-area to win, but I couldn't resist sharing this giveaway. The Buffalo Bills are giving away a wedding ceremony during halftime of the Bills vs. Patriots game in September. You'll have 70,000+ fans cheering on the lucky couple. If you know anyone interested in getting married in September.... check out the details and pass along the info. Prize includes custom jerseys for the winning couple, tickets to the game for the couple and twenty (20) guests, and foam fingers as a wedding favor. You have through 7/7 to enter.

KwiltGo Giveaway

Here's a new piece of hardware for you to try to win. Open to US residents only, you have through 7/7 to enter. Good luck.
All opinions expressed herein are my own!
Enter to Win KwiltGo! Get access to your files from anywhere!
I love that I can take 500 pictures in ten minutes with my phone, but I truly struggle with where to put it all once I'm done. If I upload the pictures to my computer, I risk losing them if my laptop fails. If I upload it to the Cloud, I worry about a TON of scenarios, like what if they lose my files, or will I run out of space and make my bill go higher! That means I end up deleting any of the pictures I take that aren't "perfect' and they are all still on my phone somehow. That's right, over a year's worth of photos are still sitting on my phone! So what if I have so many that I now have to delete apps if I want to take more pictures not like I have another option...

If you're like me, with your head in the sand refusing to look into cloud alternatives to your storage problems, lets discover Kwilt together! With Kwilt we can have everything safely stored in one place! Now we can access all of our cloud, social media and home photos and videos from our mobile, PC AND the Web. Watch the video to learn more and read on to enter to win.

Treed Book Blast and Excerpt

Do you like to read excerpts before buying books? Here's the chance with this eco/political fiction title. Enjoy.

 photo Treed_zps1rlglbnx.jpg
Eco-fiction, Political Fiction
Publisher: Ecological Outreach Services
Published: September 2018

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Because Trees Have Consequences

A consequence of getting older is current experiences inevitably get threaded to memories as Maybelline Emmons learns when she embarks on what she thinks will be a simple road trip to find a tree. She experiences something so confounding, painful, transformational--none of which she signed on for; her evenings drinking Pinot, watching her hummingbirds...this was always enough.

This passionate yet comic story revolves around efforts to save an old-growth tree but things go off the rails in a compelling, edge-of-your-seat way. Per Virginia Arthur's two previous novels, Treed will curl the tendrils of your heart and blow your leaves off.

Monday, June 17, 2019

MyCharge AdventureUltra Portable Wall Outlet Review

One of my early blog reviews was for a Rayovac 2-Hour Power Mobile Charger. Instead of plugging the mobile powerbank into the wall to recharge its internal battery so you could recharge your phone, it took a Lithium CR123a battery. When that battery wore out, you recharged the battery for its next usage, most typically by plugging it in, or carrying a few spares.

Fast forward six years and powerbanks are still evolving. Normally, you hear about a powerbank which has increased its mAh or milliampere hour to provide portal power longer. Now, with MyCharge's AdventureUltra Portable Wall Outlet, well, you get a standard 3-pronged plug in addition to USB recharging.