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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Breakfast Night With Krusteaz Giveaway

Here's our latest giveaway. Winner gets a whole bunch of products from Krusteaz. Giveaway is open to US residents only and ends on 3/11. Good luck.

Enter the Breakfast Night With Krusteaz Giveaway. Ends 3/11

Deliciously Savvy Is Hosting a Giveaway for Krusteaz in honor of National Hot Breakfast Month! Krusteaz makes it super easy for busy families to enjoy hot delicious breakfasts whether it is for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime! I love to have breakfast for dinner with my family at least once a week and Krusteaz Mixes and products are just perfect to suit everyone's needs! Enter to win and good luck!

The Ultimate Menswear Giveaway

Back in November, there was the Paul Evans Ultimate Menswear Giveaway, offering a prize with $3,740 worth of menswear to the winner. Apparently, things went over so well that they are doing it again. But, this time the prize is $7,000 worth of goodies, including a mattress:
  • Handmade Italian shoes, belt, weekend bag, gloves, wallet and socks from Paul Evans ($2300)
  • Small batch burgundy suit from Articles of Style ($1995)
  • Queen-size memory foam mattress from Sleep Saintly ($799)
  • Edgemere watch from Martenero ($550)
  • Cashmere scarf and tie from J. Mueser ($430)
  • 1-year subscription to menswear subscription SprezzaBox ($336)
  • Italian-made eyewear from David Kind ($325)
  • Gift card to Saxon + Parole courtesy of Bashed ($250)
  • Men's skincare and grooming products from Brickell Men's Products ($149)
  • Travel kit from Oliver Cabell ($95)
The form doesn't say who the giveaway is open to, but it ends on 3/12/17.

Sponsor Information - Spring Fling Gift Guide

Sponsor Information - Spring Fling Gift Guide
It's almost Spring and with that comes flowers, gardens, Easter, and fun!
The Social Media Gurus Network is getting bigger and better! We are almost ready to show everyone our new website, we are so excited! So now to tell you about our Spring Fling Gift Guide we have a couple different options this time. But first let me show you our amazing numbers and who is involved in the Spring Fling Gift Guide!
Here is a list of all the bloggers involved. These are all family friendly blogs.
Laura Smith – Michigan Saving and More
Julie Beveridge – Tales From A Southern Mom
Melissa Cushing – Deliciously Savvy
Debbie Tom – Heartbeats ~ Soul Stains
Sheila Wilson – Welcome To My Kitchen
Kim Miller – Life in a House of Testosterone
Sonia Giuerra Nicks - Babushka's Baile
Heather Baker - Here We Go Again ready
Silvie Armas - My Silly Little Gang
John Zukowski - Java John Z's
Deborah Dennert - Mom Are We There Yet
Mike Gray - Giveaway Gator
SaraLee Earegood - SaraLee's Deals Steals & Giveaways
Michelle Ellashek - My Itzy
Bridget Doshi - Mint Green with Envy
Jen Becerril - Everyday Gizmos Sweeps & Views
Laura DeLuca - New Age Mama
Sarh Snarski - Mami's 3 Little Monkeys
Amber Benoit - alwaysblabbing
Monica Platz - Monica's Rants, Raves & Reviews
Aaronda Manzo - Ronda Writes
Paula Stewart - PaulaMS' Giveaways, Reviews, & Freebies
Kathleen Kelly - Celticlady's Reviews
Melissa Botelho - Missy's Product Reviews
Nina McClain - Stingy, Thrifty, Broke
Heidi Fuqua - Heidi's Wanderings
Esther Shomper - Bargnhtress
Sponsor Information - Spring Fling Gift Guide
Sponsor Information - Spring Fling Gift Guide
Sponsor Information - Spring Fling Gift Guide
Sponsor Information - Spring Fling Gift Guide
We have a large baby items giveaway that we plan on starting 2/22, if you have items for this giveaway please contact us as soon as possible so the review can be done and we can get your product in this giveaway. No extra charge for this giveaway, just put in the additional information at the bottom, 'please put in baby giveaway'. Regular charges still apply for review and/or individual giveaway.

If you have any further questions please let us know by emailing us at . You can sign up for the Spring Fling Gift Guide HERE.
We are ready to get started, contact us today!
Thank you,
Your Team,
Social Media Gurus Network
*Read my Disclosure

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Askborg ChargeCube Blogger Opp

blogger opp askborg chargecube

Welcome To The Blogger Opp For The Askborg ChargeCube Giveaway! (Sign Ups Close 2/22) Free & Paid Options Available

disclosure affiliate no compensation
My Silly Little Gang is hosting a giveaway for 4 lucky winners to receive the Askborg ChargeCube 5200mAh Power Bank! Super Compact: 3.9 x 2 x 1 in. Which means it fits into any pocket perfectly, just grab and go whenever you need it! Please Sign Up Now To Help Promote This Giveaway!

Hosted By: My Silly Little Gang Co-Hosted By: ????

Why Should You Display An Indoor Water Fountain?

In the past ten years or so, there have been an increasing number of indoor water fountains displayed in both homes and businesses. There are a lot of these products on the market; you can purchase them in different styles, shapes, and colors. There are small water features that you can keep at your desk. There are water features that display a company's logo. There are water features meant to promote a stress-free environment. There are also bubble walls, water features put up on the wall, and more.

Indoor water fountains look great, and they make a comforting sound that drowns out any unpleasant noises in the environment. Because there are so many kinds of indoor water features, you are sure to find something that you like. Why should water features only go in a garden? There is no reason that you can't have one in your home. In fact, you SHOULD have one in your home for the following reasons: